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From e-commerce to at-home businesses, today’s commercial landscape is totally different than it was a mere 20 years ago. All of these changes have introduced a whole new set of risks and liability exposures. As the insurance industry has evolved to meet these risks, Coughlin Insurance Services has been on the front lines, developing relationships with the industry’s most innovative commercial insurance providers, engaging in continuing education and staying current in an ever-changing marketplace. We understand these new liabilities and provide real-world risk management solutions that protect your interests today and tomorrow. Protecting your business is our business at Coughlin Insurance Services.

Options as varied as the companies they protect

Coughlin Insurance Services: an Independent Insurance Agency

Your Business is Similar…but Different

A successful business wants to increase their customer base. Savvy business owners focus on ways to improve customer satisfaction, achieve a strong profit margin, reduce costs where possible and evolve as necessary to maintain a leadership position in a competitive environment. These are just a few of the many concerns and goals that are shared by most every business and commercial interest in the country. While these goals are common denominators in the business world, it’s equally true that there exists one area where their concerns become vastly dissimilar, and that one area is risk management.

Different Business…Different Risks

From construction to retail outlets, auto repair facilities to manufacturers, the legal liability risk they face are as different and varied as the products and services they provide. When you consider the almost endless supply of available products, as well as the number of services we utilize each and every day, you start to understand the depth and width of the variety of risks these businesses face. It is equally and obviously apparent that no single insurance company could ever provide coverage for EVERY business, nor could they provide a solution for every possible commercial risk. This is why so many business owners insist on working with an Independent Insurance Agency when it comes to securing commercial insurance. And Coughlin Insurance Services is proud to be a leader in providing the best available options as a proud Independent Insurance Agency.

Your Business Deserves an Independent Insurance Agency

Unlike a captive agency limited to one company, Coughlin Insurance Agency represents a host of top-rated insurance carriers. That means the options we offer for commercial interests are nearly limitless. There is a company for virtually every risk and Coughlin has worked diligently to develop strong relationships with the best commercial insurance providers throughout the nation: providers who share our commitment to excellence in customer service. Whatever your business, Coughlin Insurance Services has you covered.

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