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Labor Law, Contractual Liability, Scaffold Law, Third-Party Action-Over or simply Action-Over: by any name, it represents a serious risk for New York contractors. It refers to the old ‘Scaffold Law’ (STILL in effect) that was written to protect construction workers injured in work-related falls. This law enables workers to sue and imposes absolute liability on the property owner and construction employer. In other words: if a worker arrives to a construction site drunk and injures himself in a fall, the law says the builder and property owner are responsible. There’s no opportunity to argue a defense of comparative negligence, which would at least limit the amount owners have to pay in these cases.

Discovering that your contractor’s insurance excludes coverage for action-over suits after the fact isn’t good business. These are some of the largest lawsuit payouts in New York. so you don’t want to be caught short. Talk to the professionals at Coughlin Insurance Services about the contractor’s insurance we provide. Our business-savvy agents understand the idiosyncrasies that abound when it comes to the risks contractor’s face. They look after your interests and provide an insurance package that protects your business fully. Coughlin Insurance Services makes sure you’re covered for ALL the risks you face!

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Beyond the concerns associated with New York’s ‘Scaffold Law’, every general contractor, contractor and subcontractor needs to carry contractors insurance for their own interests. Even if it weren’t a requirement, experienced contractors would continue to carry the insurance that affords them protection against so many different risks. Your customers expect you to follow their construction plans, meet agreed-upon deadlines and see projects to completion. Those expectations present a wide variety of risks, in addition to the more typical risks, such as workplace damage. And, like other liability exposures, these risks can create a serious financial problem if not properly managed.

Our Contractors Insurance can include (but is not limited to):

  • Contractor General Liability Coverage – protection against third party allegations of negligence that results in bodily harm, injury or property damage. It can even help protect you against specific claims of slander and libel.
  • Damage to Other’s Property in Your Care – protection in the event an accident causes damage to another party’s property which is in your care, custody or control
  • Business Auto – protects you, your drivers and your business
  • Worker’s Compensation – can help cover medical costs and some of the lost wages for employees that are injured or become ill during work.

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