Ocean Marine Insurance

Ocean Marine Insurance from Coughlin Insurance Services

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reports that over 100 weather related losses occurred between 2000 and 2014, resulting in billions of dollars. Believe it or not, fire is a leading cause of loss for the ocean marine industry, according to the International Association of Marine / Fire Investigator. When you face an unforeseen catastrophe, UNLESS the professionals at Coughlin Insurance Agency have helped you secure Ocean Marine Insurance. Our extensive network of insurance providers enables us to deliver the perfect marine and non-marine coverage for a host of operations, including marine services suppliers, transportation and construction, ocean cargo and so much more.

What is Ocean Marine Insurance?

Created to protect the goods, merchandise, passengers and employees aboard shipping vessels and cargo storage, Ocean Marine Insurance is comprised of many different types of insurance coverage. It provides insurance protection during marine transport both domestically and overseas. Equally important is the protection it offers during other stages of ocean marine shipment, including land or air transportation that’s connected to the marine shipment.

Protect Your Business by Protecting Your Products

Whether you’re sourcing raw materials, distributing goods from a foreign manufacturer or selling products overseas, ocean marine insurance offers a solid base on which you can design a strong business protection strategy. The professionals at Coughlin Insurance Agency can show you how businesses throughout the distribution, communication, manufacturing, energy and construction industries can protect their interests and reduce the risk of business interruption with ocean marine insurance.

Solutions for the Unique Maritime Risks You Face

Ocean Marine Coverage meets the needs of many types of maritime operations, including boat builders and brokers, ship repairers, terminal operators, stevedores, wharfingers or those conducting barge fleet operations. The variety of ocean marine insurance coverages that are available is as broad as the risks they address. They include Hull and Machinery Insurance, Ocean Cargo coverage, Protection and Indemnity policies, Mono-line Legal Liability policies and Marine General Liability Insurance. When you need to your goods during ocean transport…or the ships that carry them, as well as the crew and passengers, talk to your Coughlin Insurance agent about Ocean Marine Insurance.

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