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Professional Liability Insurance from Coughlin Insurance Services

Facing and dealing with risks is an every-day occurrence for today’s businesses. While you can mitigate many risks, it’s impossible to anticipate, let alone eliminate every possible risk. These unanticipated losses and lawsuits come from the least expected of issues and can cost you your clients, your reputation and even your company. Your Coughlin Insurance Services agent can provide a comprehensive package of professional liability insurance coverages designed to meet the anticipated risks as well as those you’ll never see coming.

Whether you’re a single location private company or a multi-location financial institution, Coughlin Insurance offers coverage that addresses your specific responsibilities and exposures. With a network of providers that offer standalone coverage as well as a broad host of coverages in one policy, Coughlin Insurance Services delivers options that meet today’s needs while providing the flexibility to evolve as your business changes.

Are you an expert?

An expert is considered to be one whose work meets standards set by your state’s regulatory bodies, your particular field or industry and your client contracts. Failing to meet any of these standards and you could be on the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Experts include doctors and lawyers, IT consultants, architects, engineers and many, many others. If your client makes decisions based on advice you provide, you probably qualify as an expert in your field. This is equally true if your business relies on your expertise.

Experts need protection

When your product is your profession and you earn your living by sharing your expertise, you must protect yourself. No matter how experienced, regardless of education and training and despite our best efforts to deliver excellence to each customer, professionals do, on occasion, make mistakes.
Even if the mistake isn’t easily or clearly defined as such, if you’re considered an expert, you are still at risk. While it’s easy to believe that it’s extremely unlikely that you will be named in a lawsuit, a 2017 industry survey offers a whole different picture. The results showed that more than 1 in 5 businesses experience the type of incidents that can lead to professional liability lawsuits. These include client complaints and contract disputes.

Smart Coverage for Today’s Professional

Also called Errors and Omissions Insurance, Professional Liability Insurance can help protect you should your client bring a suit based on these claims:

  • You made an error in the work you did for the client
  • You failed to deliver services to your client as agreed
  • Your were negligent in the completion and/or delivery of your services

Your Coughlin Insurance agent can make sure you have the protection you need for the unique risks professionals face.

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